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You are invited to participate in myPITA’s Marketplace on Friday, October 21, 2022 at North Delta Secondary. Join us in connecting with Grade 4 through 9 intermediate and middle school teachers from across BC.

myPITA’s 2022 Fall Conference will offer in-person and online workshops.

In-person exhibitors will receive an in-person exhibiting table and a virtual online exhibiting page. 

In-Person Exhibiting

In-person exhibitors also receive an online exhibiting booth. The in-person booths include:

  • One 30”’ x 96”  table and 36" behind your table. Physical space size of 96" wide by 66" deep. 
  • Hot beverage and pastry and an afternoon snack for one exhibitor
  • Lunch for one exhibitor
  • Internet access
  • One additional exhibitor per table may be added for an additional fee.
  • Move-in 5pm-7pm Thursday, October 20 and 7:30-8:30am Friday, October 21. Booths must be set-up by 8:30am Friday, October 21. Moveout may begin at 3:30pm. No early takedowns please. Exhibitors are responsible for facilitating their move-in and out. 


Please note:

  • There is a maximum of two (2) representatives per exhibitor table. A single exhibitor pass is included with each table and an additional exhibitor pass may be added for an additional fee. 
  • Exhibitors are responsible for supplying their own table coverings and skirting.
  • No items may be attached to the walls of the exhibiting hall.
  • No items may delivered to the site before the event. 

Virtual exhibiting

The virtual exhibits are accessible by all attendees, in-person and virtual online attendees. Your online exhibiting experience includes:

  • Display functions include: video embeds, highlighting products/services, interviews, testimonials, etc.
  • Interactive features: video chat with attendees during conference hours. Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own Zoom accounts.
  • Spotlight functions: announcement messages displayed at the top of the booth page, banner ads displayed on the bottom of the page with a link.
  • Extended virtual booth times. Booths will be open approximately a week before the conference and remain open for at least three months after the conference.
  • If you have previously exhibited on the easyREG platform your online booth can be copied from a previous event.

Discounted Booths and the Exhibitor Letter Hunt

To help drive traffic to the exhibitor booths, we will be hosting an in-person and an online exhibitor letter hunt. Exhibitors are encouraged to donate prizes for the letter hunt and in return will receive a discount on their booth fee. A discounted booth is available if the in-kind donation has a retail value that is equivalent to or exceeding discounted amount. For clarification, a discounted for-profit exhibitor would donate prize(s) valued at $100 or more. A discounted non-profit exhibitor would donate prize(s) valued at $50 or more.

Online exhibitors are responsible for shipping the prize to the winner. Online exhibitors will be notified after the conference about who the winner is of their donated prize so that you can arrange for delivery.

Prize draws are not the same as the Exhibitor Letter Hunt

Hosting a prize draw at your table and on your online booth is different than the exhibitor letter hunt. Contributing prizes to the letter hunt is a requirement if an exhibitor has opted for a discounted booth. Holding a prize draw at an exhibiting booth is optional.

If an exhibitor chooses to host their own prize draw, the collection of personal information must follow FOIPPA regulations and the prize draw must allow for one free entry per person. Prize draws cannot require purchasing and/or registering for a product and/or service. If the exhibitor is collecting contact information for the purpose of a mailing list the exhibitor must explicitly state the purpose of collecting contact information and have the participant agree to have their information collected for that purpose. 

Sponsor the goody bag

Additionally, exhibitors may sponsor items for the goody bag and in exchange include a promotional brochure in every goody bag.  See Goody Bag page for more details.

myPITA will promote visiting exhibitors

myPITA will promote visiting the exhibitors:

  • in emails
  • at the end of workshop sessions
  • in the online attendee site, that both the in-person and online attendees will access
  • on the event website


Please email Shirley at exhibitors@pita.ca with any questions or concerns.

Exhibitor Application

Name of the company/organization

Public Marketing Information

The following information will be used on the event website, the online conference site and/or other event materials. Write a brief description of your organization and what products/services you offer.
Note:This email address is displayed on the website and should be the one used for advertising purposes.
Note: The website address has to start with http:// or https://.

Exhibitor Letter Hunt

To help drive traffic to your exhibitor booth, myPITA will present an Exhibitor Letter Hunt. Participants will visit your exhibitor booth either in-person or online and reveal your specific, hidden letter. Once they have matched a set number of letters to the correct exhibitor they are entered into a prize draw.
Prizes may be an online gift card, discount code, subscription to your service, class presentation, and/or a physical prize if you are willing to arrange for shipping to the prize winner. Please include details about your prize in your registration information. If you are unsure of the prize at registration, please contact Shirley at exhibitors@pita.ca.

Sponsor Goody Bag

Exhibitors may sponsor the Goody Bag and in exchange include a promotional brochure in every Goody Bag. See Goody Bag page for more details. If you are unsure of the Goody Bag package at registration, please contact Shirley at exhibitors@pita.ca.

Contact Person

Please enter the name and contact information of the person responsible for your booth.

enter the first name of the contact
enter the last name of the contact person
Note:This email address will be used for internal communication only.


enter the address
enter the postal code
enter the city
enter the province/state
enter the country

Exhibitor Passes

Additional in-person booth staff, maximum 1 (for 1 table) or 2 (for 2 tables) for $55 each