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We are excited to accept applications for workshops for the myPITA 2021 Fall Online Conference on Friday, October 22, 2021. Great myPITA workshops are a combination of lecture and hands-on experiential learning. Your session should present relevant information, techniques, resources, and/or lessons that can be immediately implemented and applied in grade 4-9 and middle school classrooms. Teachers should leave your session with techniques and strategies that they can apply in their classroom the following Monday.
Don't worry if you haven't presented online because training on how to use Zoom and ways of creating engagement and interactivity online will be provided.
Note: Workshops that are promoting or require participants to purchase resources in order to do the activities and lesson ideas presented will not be accepted.
We greatly appreciate all the time and effort you put into planning and delivering your workshops. Your willingness to share your passions and your expertise are what make our Fall Conference such an amazing experience.
Thank you 
The myPITA Speakers' Committee

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Co-presenter or Co-host
If you are co-presenting a co-host will not be required. We strongly recommend that you have a co-host for your session to help monitor the chat and manage participants. If you do not already have someone in mind then we can assign someone to you.